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Singers and bands have loyal fans that stick with them through the thick and thin of their music careers. Annual music awards are a time for the fans to vote for their favorite musicians and give praise for their musical talents. Singers and bands not only get recognition and some type of fancy award, but their careers are usually increased in ratings. There are genre specific music awards, general music awards, and online music awards. Here is a look at an Internet radio awards and some other music awards.

Perhaps the most well known music awards are the Grammy Awards show. It is an annual award given to musicians that are the best in the business. They receive a golden gramophone statuette that solidifies their place in the entertainment industry and their outstanding achievements. The Grammy Award is presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The categories you can win an award for are: best new artist, album of the year, song of the year, and record of the year. These categories are also handed out awards for certain genres.

There are other music awards that take place every year that are genre specific. They are less prestigious than the Grammy’s but can still boost a musician’s career and get just as much hype and audience attention. Other annual awards are the County Music Awards, the MTV Video Music awards, Texas Music Awards, Independent Music Awards, and the Brit Awards for example. These music awards recognize achievements for musicians who make music in their genre such as country, hip hop, or alternative music.

Internet Radio is just as influential as traditional radio for promoting a band or singer. Annually, there are the Internet Radio Awards that are held online. You can vote for your favorite Internet radio station, and they will win an award for best program online. If you have a radio station online you can either nominate yourself or one of your listeners can nominate for an award. It is a great way to see what stations there are around the world and to recognize the hard work that your favorite Internet station does day to day to provide you with great music to listen to.

If you want to discover music from around the world, or nominate an Independent musician for their work, you can vote for them at the International Online Music Awards. They are held every year, and you can vote for your favorite Independent band or singer to win an award. A lot of popular mainstream artists have been discovered by their online music. The Internet is very powerful for boosting someone’s career.

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Sade and Soldier of Love

It has been ten years since anyone has heard from Sade Adu. Sade, pronounced (Shahr-DAY) is a woman and a band. The group was best known in the 80s and later in the 90s for “Lovers Rock.” But now, after being in seclusion, Sade has reappeared and has just released the album “Soldier of Love”.

Sade Abu was born in Nigeria. Her father was a Nigerian lecturer in economics and her mother an English nurse. The couple divorced with her mother taking Sade, then 4-years-old, back to England. Sade later moved to London and studied at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. It was in college she joined the band Pride where she sang backup vocals. She was discovered when singing the solo “Smooth Operator”. Epic Records asked her to sign along with three members of her band.

The band was later renamed Sade and technically formed in 1983. The group’s debut album, Diamond Life, went Top Ten in the U.K. in late 1984 and sold platinum. In 1985, their third single “Smooth Operator” was released and nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards and Sade was given awards for Best Female Video and Best New Artist. The same year, Sade released their second album “Promise” in the United Kingdom. In 1986 Sade Abu was nominated for an American Music Award and Favorite Soul/R&B Female Video Artist. She also won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

It was in 1988 Sade released their third album “Stronger Than Pride” in the U.K., which reached No. 3. The album came out in the US the following year. It didn’t receive as much attention as the 1990 release “Love Deluxe”. This album did hit Number 3 on the US Album charts and was certified Quadruple-Platinum.

If the group wasn’t known then, they became quite known after releasing two successful singles for the films Philadelphia and Indecent Proposal. For Philadelphia they recorded the song “Please Send Me Someone To Love”. In 1994 they won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance for “No Ordinary Love”, the single featured in Indecent Proposal. This same year, Sade released their first compilation album “The Best of Sade”. The album peaked at Number 9 on Billboard’s Album Chart.

With the new millennium and eight years later, Sade released “Lovers Rock”. The album reached Number #3 in the US and won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album. Sade also performed at the MOBO Awards ceremony for the first time since the early 90s. The band toured in the US throughout 2001.

In 2002, Sade was made a member of the Order of the British Empire, an organization dedicated to chivalry, who grants admission to both males and females.

A performer, mother, and famous recluse – Sade has now, in 2009, released “Soldier of Love”. It is Sade’s sixth album. It was released worldwide in February of 2010. The single “Soldier of Love” has already debuted Number 11 on the Urban Hot AC chart already, making it the highest debut of the decade.

When not touring, Sade continues to live in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

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Remembering the 90’s

The 90s was a time of Bill Clinton, Friends and Sienfield. In regards to music, here are the top five songs and musicians along with a little trivia.

1.) Britney Spears: ‘…Baby, One More Time’

This Mouseketeer became a pop phenomenon shortly after this first hit single. Jive Records released the song on October 13, 1998. With a sexy and somewhat controversial video, the single peaked at number on the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks.

The song was originally written for TLC, claimed the song’s writer, Max Martin. Unfortunately for TLC the song was nominated for a Grammy that year, and has since become Spear’s most successful song performed. Britney said, “ever girl can relate to it”. This claimed to be somewhat true, as the song sold over 750,000 copies, earning a three-times golf certification.

2.) Nirvana: ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’

Off the release of Nirvana’s album, Nevermind in 1992, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, quickly became a hit. Some believe this song sparked a teenage revolution of alternative rock, which is still well recognized today. The song was Nirvana’s biggest hit, even getting a fluke remake out of Weird Al Yankovic.

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ received many MTV Video Music Awards. Cobain stated, “I was trying to write the ultimate pop song”. Even after Kurt Cobain’s death critics recognized the song as being one of the greatest alternative rock songs of all time.

3.) Alanis Morissette: ’You Oughta Know’

Grammy-Award winning song written and performed by Alanis, herself, was placed on Morissette’s album Jagged Little Pill in 1995. The song’s love/hate lyrics were rumored to be about Morissette’s boyfriend Dave Coulier of TV’s Full House.

This pain-ridden song, with a shocking set of musical words, was one of the first attempts to state heartache so explicitly. The song became mainstream across the teenage universe, becoming a hit in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

4.) Cher: ‘Believe”

This spark of one of Cher’s many comebacks became the single, most-listened to, hit of her career. The song has been remade four times, to fit the club scene, dance re-mix genre and ballad arena. Earning a Grammy, this multi-platinum song was written collaboratively by six individuals (Paul Barry, Matt Gray, Steven Torch, Brian Higgins, Timothy Powell and Stuart McLellan).

The song, ‘Believe’ was released in 1998, and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. After it’s release, it also became a number one song in over twenty-three countries worldwide, within two weeks.

5.) Rob Thomas: ‘Smooth’

This collaborative effort between Rob Thomas (of Matchbox Twenty), and Santana wowed music audiences with its slick lyrics and amazing guitar riffs. Rob Thomas originally wanted George Michael to sing the song for the recreated lyrics he had constructed from the song, ’Room 17’.

The song became a hit in 1999, spending over twelve consecutive weeks at number one, on the Billboard Hot 100. The same year, ’Smooth’ won three esteemed Grammy Awards, including, Song of the Year. Rob wrote the song for his wife, Marisol Thomas.

When it came to music of the 90s, there were many hits from various genres, but the above songs are the ones most still have stuck in their heads.

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Singing Siblings

People say that talent runs in a family. A lot of actors take after their parents, brothers, or sisters. This is also true in the music industry. There are not only a lot of family acts, such as the Jackson 5 or the Jonas Brothers, but there are a lot of siblings who are both in the industry. Sometimes one sibling takes the spotlight more so than the other which can lead to rivalry and jealousy. Other times, both siblings are both such sensational hits that the family name takes over the music charts. Here are some famous sibling musical artists.

Both the Jonas Brothers and the Van Halen brothers perform as a group. The Jonas Brothers took over the music charts and their group exploded into stardom amongst younger kids and teens. They are a pop band from New Jersey and record under the labels Hollywood, Columbia, INO, and Daylight. They went on tour with another famous artist who followed in her father’s footsteps, Miley Cyrus. Currently, they have four albums released. Their first album was titled, “It’s About Time,” and the most current album is titled, “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times.”

The Van Halen brothers are a little more old school and are a rock band that hit their prime in the 1980s. The three brothers, along with a few other musicians, make up the band Van Halen. This band is from the opposite side of the country from the Jonas Brothers and originated in California. They are a heavy metal and hard rock band that records under the labels Yessup Recording and Warner Brothers. They are such a successful band that has sold close to 100 million albums worldwide. The three brother’s names are Alex, Wolfgang, and Eddie Van Halen.

Two siblings that performed separately that both took over the music charts since the 1980s are Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. Michael’s career started much earlier than his sister’s did when he performed alongside his older brothers in the Jackson 5. He had a solo career which turned him into music sensation and legend. His music and dancing is still admired even after the mourning of his recent death. He is a pop icon and invented new dance moves. His sister had a huge shadow to cast out of. Janet Jackson was a hit and her dance moves also stunned the world. When she turned 16 years old, she signed a recording contrast and her career took off ever since that time.

You can’t look at a tabloid or magazine without seeing the two faces of these sisters. Jessica Simpson and Ashley Simpson-Wentz are singing sensations. Jessica had a promising career and was up against huge stars Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. She had a rough start and a lot of competition. Her voice is amazing and she can carry a tune. She had a few hit singles as a pop star and recently crossed over to work on her career as a country music artist. Like Janet Jackson, Ashley Simpson also had big shoes to fill. Ashley was instantly a hit even with a lot of criticism. Her fame can be attributed to her MTV reality show and her name. She is more of a punk/pop singer and is more edgy than Jessica. Both sisters have had chart topping hits.

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Musicians Take Over Reality TV

Reality TV has scooped up musicians as a new and popular hype. Retired musicians, as well as those attempting to jump start a second-wind in their career, have now allowed their personal lives to be taped for the sake of exposure.

Some famous musicians have taken the path to finding love, as Bret Michaels, lead singer of Poison did, in his three seasons of ‘Rock of Love’. Others choose to exhibit a family life worthy of television, introducing Hollywood living at its best. The TOP 5 rated musicians whom have made reality TV appealing are:

1) Reverend Joseph ‘Run’ Simmons – Run’s House – Reverend Run, of Run DMC exhibits his hit rapper-turned-minister ways as a family man attempting to consistently manage his six children (Vanessa, Angela, Jojo, Diggy, Russy and Miley), and the launch of his come-back career. Rev. Run, alongside his wife Justine, have proven to be an act to follow since the show’s initial air in 2005.

MTV has since launched five seasons of the rapper’s New Jersey lifestyle, which has also led to the spin-off, ‘Daddy’s Girls‘. In Daddy’s Girls, the reverend’s daughters Vanessa and Angela leave home to pursue their career in fashion, while still staying in touch with Daddy ‘Run‘.

2) Ozzy Osbourne – The Osbournes – This kooky Prince of Darkness has become one of America’s favorite TV fathers. The Osbournes, a series featuring the domestic life of Osbourne and his family (wife Sharon, children Jack and Kelly and special guest appearances from his son Louis) Ozzy and Sharon’s oldest daughter Aimee declined to participate in the show, completely. The program became one of MTV’s greatest hits, premiering in March 2002. The family’s final episode aired March 21, 2005.

3) Gene Simmons – Gene Simmons Family Jewels was a series that premiered in 2006. The show follows the life of K.I.S.S. bassist and vocalist Gene Simmons, his longtime partner Shannon Tweed, and their two children, Nick (born 1989) and Sophie (born 1992). The show is similar to The Osbournes in that it follows a rock star and his family through their everyday lives. Season four ran from June 7, 2009 until August 16, 2009.

4) Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood is an American television reality show starring rapper Snoop Dogg and his family. His family includes wife Shante, daughter Cori whom he calls “Choc”, son Cordell whom he calls “Rook”, and his oldest son Corde whom he calls “Spank”. It premiered December 9, 2007 on E!, and premiered on January 13, 2008 in the UK. It is rated TV-14, but is often mistaken to be rated for a more mature audience. The series initially broadcasted on E!. The second season debuted November 30, 2008.

5) William ‘Flavor Flav’ Drayton – Flavor of Love premiered on VH1 after the rapper’s two prior reality shows, ‘Strange Love ‘ and ‘The Surreal Life 3’. In season one, 25 women from around the globe competed for Flavor’s heart. Women underwent physical, mental and emotional challenges all under the public eye. The winner of the season was awarded, not only Flavor’s heart, but also a set of gold teeth.

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Musicians Who Are Entrepreneurs

Many musicians aren’t just making their millions off of their music. Stretching their name and business savvy into other fields has proven just as profitable as selling their musical talents. Here are just a few of these musicians doing just this.

1) Sean Combs – P. Diddy or Puff Daddy operates his business interests under the business name Bad Boy Entertainment Worldwide. Business ventures that fall under Bad Boy Entertainment include Bad Boy Records; the clothing lines Sean John; Sean by Sean Combs, a movie production company; and his two restaurants. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Coombs has also taken the roles of recording executive, performer, and producer of MTV’s Making the Band. If that isn’t enough, he is also a writer, arranger, clothing designer, and Broadway actor.
So what else does P. Diddy sell under his various company names? There is his fragrance Unforgivable, which sells for roughly $70 a bottle. And then there is vodka. In 2007 he signed a multi-million dollar agreement with Ciroc.

Other ventures that earn P. Diddy a pretty penny include the TV series he created called “Making Da Band.” Diddy also owns restaurants in New York and Atlanta (named “Justin’s,” after his son). And if that’s not enough, Diddy holds the honor of having designed the Dallas Mavericks’ green alternate jerseys.

All of Coombs efforts have paid off well making him one of the richest hip-hop performers with a net worth estimated at US $346 million.

2) Jay-Z – Jay-Z, also known as Shawn Corey Carter is also a financially successful hip-hop artist having a net worth of over $150 million. Jay-Z co-owns the 40/40 Club an upscale sports bar that started in New York City and has since expanded to Atlantic City and Chicago. He is part owner of the NBA’s New Jersey Nets and is also the creator of the clothing line Rocawear along with Damon Dash. He is the former CEO of Def Jam Recordings, one of the three founders of Roc-A-Fella Records and recently, the founder of his new venture Roc Nation.

Jay-Z also serves as co-brand director for Budweiser Select and collaborates with the company on strategic marketing programs and creative ad development. He provides direction on brand programs and ads that appear on TV, radio, print, and high-profile events. He has also invested in a real estate development venture called J Hotels that recently acquired a $66 million mid-block parcel in Chelsea, New York.

3) 50 Cent – Curtis James Jackson III, better known as 50 Cent, rose to fame with his music which sold more than twenty-one million copies combined. It was from here that he went on to expand his empire through a handful of ventures. To start, he signed a five-year deal with Reebok to distribute the “G-Unit Sneakers” line as part of his G-Unit Clothing Company. He worked with Glacéau to create a Vitamin Water drink called Formula 50. In 2007, Coca-Cola purchased Glacéau for US $4.1 billion. 50 Cent also teamed up with Right Guard to launch a body spray called Pure 50 RGX Body Spray and a condom line called Magic Stick Condoms.

50 cent is also an author and started a reality TV show on MTV called 50 Cent: The Money and The Power.

4) Jennifer Lopez – Jennifer Lynn Lopez often nicknamed J. Lo, is an actress, singer, record producer, dancer, fashion designer and television producer. Lopez launched a clothing line in 2003 named JLO by Jennifer Lopez, which includes different types of clothing for young women, including jeans, T-shirts, coats, belts, purses, and lingerie. She also sells jewelry, hats, gloves and scarves. In 2005, J. Low launched a new clothing line called Sweetface. In late 2007, Lopez retired JLO by Jennifer Lopez and launched a new juniors’ line called JustSweet. Her fashion lines have featured at many New York Fashion Week events.

Jennifer has also opened a Cuban restaurant and is a spokesperson for Lux shampoo in Japan. Lopez owns the film and television production company Nuyorican Productions, which was cofounded with her manager Benny Medina. Lopez net worth is estimated at over $250 million.

5)Justin Timberlake – Justin Randall Timberlake is a pop musician and actor. Timberlake has co-owned three restaurants in the United States: “Chi” opened in West Hollywood, California and “Destino” and “Southern Hospitalty” in New York. He also has his own brand of tequila called 901; the name comes in part from the area code of his hometown of Memphis.

In 2005, Timberlake launched the William Rast clothing line with childhood friend Juan (“Trace”) Ayala. The 2007 line contained cord jackets, cashmere sweaters, jeans and polo shirts. The pair reports inspiration from fellow Memphis native Elvis Presley.

Recently Timberlake started his own record label, Tennman Records.

These are just a handful of musicians who have made it big in other arenas; numerous other musicians are making it big with their marketing skills, business expertise and name.

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To Sing Or Not To Sing – Lip-Synching

Lip-synching, most people hate it and many musical artists within recent years have been caught doing it. Whether the lip-synching was done for technical reasons or due to the fact the ‘singers’ couldn’t sing, audiences have stood up against it.

What is lip-synching? Technically it means to match lip movements with a voice. The term can refer to performances in the production of film, video and television programs. The practice of people during live concerts, lip-synching, is quite controversial.

People will go as far as to boycott a singer or even sign a petition. When Britney Spears was lip-synching on tour, over 3,500 fans signed an online petition begging her to stop the practice. Spears denied the practice saying “I don’t lip-synch”. But her tour manager, Larry Rudolph said Spears tour would be a mix of live and lip-synched vocals as past tours have been.

Lip-synching has been used often in the past to help recording artists create a particular effect, to enable them to perform live dance numbers, or to cover for illness or other deficiencies during live performance. Sometimes lip-singing performances are forced by television for short guest appearances, as it requires less time for rehearsals and hugely simplifies the process of sound mixing. The practice of lip-synching during live performances is frowned on by some who view it as a crutch only used by lesser talents.

Although lip-synching is a historic practice in the music industry, after Spears petitioners created a big to-do about it, the act of lip-synching has become taboo. And yet, few live pop performances, such as those at the Super Bowl’s halftime show, can go without being lip-synched. Purists complained when Shania Twain lip-synched her performance. Producers of the Super Bowl’s half time show won’t say whose music has to be lip-synched with prerecorded music and who is performing live.

The biggest controversy when it comes to lip-synching was with the group Milli Vanilli. Milli Vanilli not only practiced lip-synching, they didn’t even sing the prerecorded version of their music, a double taboo. Milli Vanilli came about when Frank Farian developed the concept of the group and chose to feature vocals by Charles Shaw, John Davis, Brad Howell, and twin sisters Jodie and Linda Rocco; however, he felt that those singers lacked a marketable image. He then recruited Morvan and Pilatus, two younger and more photogenic model/dancers he found dancing in a Berlin dance club, to front the act.

Milli Vanilli’s debut album All or Nothing, was released in Europe in mid-1988, with Rob and Fab’s pictures on the front and center of the albums, but no mention of who actually sang the songs. The success of the record caught the attention of Arista Records, who signed the duo, added a new track written by Diane Warren, “Blame It on the Rain,” and renamed the album to Girl You Know It’s True for release in the American market in early 1989.

This version of the album went 6 times platinum and led to the re-release of the title track, which peaked at number 2 on the Hot 100 in April of that year and was certified platinum. Milli Vanilli’s meteoric rise to pop music superstardom culminated with a Grammy Award for Best New Artist on February 22, 1990.

The first sign that the group was lip-synching happened in late 1989 during a live performance on MTV at the Lake Compounce theme park in Bristol, Connecticut. As they performed onstage live in front of an audience, the recording of the song “Girl You Know It’s True” jammed and began to skip, repeating the partial line “Girl, you know it’s…” over and over on the speakers. They continued to pretend to sing and dance onstage for a few more moments. Then they both ran offstage.

Unlike the international release of All or Nothing, the inserts for the American version clearly attributed the voices on the album to Morvan and Pilatus. Because of rising public questions regarding the source of talent in the group, as well as the insistence of Morvan and Pilatus to Farian that they be allowed to sing on the next album, Farian confessed to reporters on November 12, 1990, that Morvan and Pilatus did not actually sing on the records. As a result of American media pressure, Milli Vanilli’s Grammy was withdrawn four days later (however, their three American Music Awards were never withdrawn because the organizers felt the awards were given to them by music consumers), and Arista Records dropped the act from its roster and deleted their album and its masters from their catalog, taking Girl You Know It’s True out of print.

Lip-Synching, whether for convenience or lack of talent, will continue to be a bone of contingency among audiences who when paying for live music, want live and real music.

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